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March Roundup at BKP

Posted by Nicola
7th March 2019

New For 2019

Hello and welcome to Bare Knuckle 2019! We’ve been busy updating our privacy policy, which you can read here if you would like to, and we have been getting ourselves sorted for the new products which we are working on for release this year. Excited? You should be! We can’t reveal too much as yet, although the newbies are things we’ve been asked for time and again, so Tim decided it was time to give the players what they want.

There are lots of projects coming to fruition throughout the coming year, not least new signature sets, the release of Bare Knuckle mini humbuckers, Jazzmasters and Jaguar coil set, which we revealed in our previous blog, which you can read here.

Of course, we can't release the nitty gritty info yet, that would be giving too much away! But we can say that, in true Bare Knuckle style, Tim Mills will be voicing each pickup with his unique approach to tone, and within the ranges we will be providing all kinds of options, voices, styles and tones.

Worldwide Delivery by Ordering Directly From Us

Something we’re often asked about is how to order Bare Knuckles. Thing is, we love having dealers worldwide, but they aren’t always near to our players. This is why we make sure that you can always order directly from us and we will ship worldwide. By ordering directly from us at we can make sure you get order updates, shipping updates and tracking info. You can use our pickup builder to create pickups that suit your playing and your style, bespoke and designed just for you. If you order directly from us you will also get a lifetime warranty on your pickups, ensuring that should anything happen, we can help. So, head on over to our website, fire up the pickup builder and find out which Bare Knuckles you need in your life! If you get stuck with the amount of choice just drop us an e-mail at and we can help you to choose the tone for you.

Focus On: Humbuckers

This month, with the impending arrival of our mini-humbuckers, we’re taking a little look at our humbucker range. Our extensive humbucker range covers all the bases you can possibly need from this kind of pickup. The pickups are listed on the website in output range, starting from the lowest, our Stormy Monday, PAF-style humbucker. The range goes right through to the Warpig, a brutal pickup that doesn’t lose its clarity. Our humbucker range includes a few signature sets as well, designed with the guitarist whose name is on the label: the chunky Impulse, with Josh Smith of Northlane, the growl of the Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) Rebel Yell, tone and power with Geoff Whitehorn’s (Procol Harum) Crawler, and the all-round killer pickup that is the Juggernaut, created with Periphery’s Misha Mansoor, who also recently joined us to help create the Ragnarok humbucker.

With a range as extensive and all-encompassing as ours, it would be tough to find a humbucker that didn’t suit your playing. It’s also worth mentioning that three of the range (Nailbomb, Warpig and Black Hawk) have the option of a ceramic or an alnico magnet in the bridge, which creates more versatility than you can shake a truss rod at.

Artist Round-Up

This month saw BKP artist Kris Barras playing in Truro, so a few of the lads from the workshop got to head out and see him in action. He plays a Seth Baccus Nautilus loaded with a Stormy Monday and Riff Raffs and is on tour right now.

We’ve also seen that IDLES guitarist Lee Kiernan has been out playing our Boot Camp True Grit pickups. He’s been talking about grabbing himself a few more sets of BKPs, so watch this space! IDLES are also busy, busy, busy at the moment playing around the UK!

We’ve also recently welcomed James Hewitt from Hacktavist, Tom Smith from The Acacia Strain, Lance Dowdle from From Ashes to New and Brian Kingsland from Nile, among others, to the Bare Knuckle artist roster.

So, lots going on and lots to look forward to and enjoy with us as we enter into 2019; thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to having you on the ride with us as the year takes shape!

If you want your guitar to have the BKP tone that you’ve always dreamed of then the easiest thing to do is pick up the phone (+44 (0)1326 341313) to talk tone with us!

That’s it for this month, thanks so much for making it rock. Come over and follow us on Instagram, or for in-depth BKP information and news, visit our website. Keep those photos and feedback coming to our BKP Facebook page and join in the conversation on our forum. If you’re a tweeter, show us what you’ve been up to with your Bare Knuckles, @BKPickups. Also, you can keep up with the latest BKP news here.

Thanks for an awesome month everyone!

The BKP team.


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