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Boot Camp

Welcome to the world of Bare Knuckle Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a stripped back, no-nonsense pickup range aimed at guitar players of all levels who just want to cut to the chase and have great tone.

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4 bootcamp Pickups found

True Grit - humbucker

From £89.99

Medium output range producing a fat, rich clean and punchy driven tone.…

True Grit - p90

From £64.99

Medium output single coils with a punchy and aggressive P90 growl.…

True Grit - strat

From £47.99

True Grit Strat coils are all wound by hand and feature Alnico V magnets.…

True Grit - tele

From £55.99

Medium output coil set that produces a rich clean tone and a punchy, gritty driven tone with plenty of attitude.…



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