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New Year, New 'Knuckles!

Posted by Nicola
14th January 2019

A Little Teaser...

Belated Merry Christmas for 2018 and a very happy New Year for 2019 from all of the team at Bare Knuckle. We just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of the Bare Knuckle family for another year. After the release of Ragnarok in 2017, we followed up by releasing the Boot Camp series at NAMM 2018. This has been such a success that we decided to focus on that for 2018, and then look into new releases for 2019. Now the New Year is well underway we thought it only fair that we bring you a little taste of what to expect from us for 2019.

As always, there are lots of projects coming to fruition throughout the coming year, not least a new signature set, the release of Bare Knuckle mini humbuckers, our own Jazzmasters and Bare Knuckle Jaguar coil sets. The new additions to our range reflect our growing customer base, along with our growing team at BKP HQ. Last year saw Bare Knuckle celebrate fifteen years of creating hand-wound pickups, all still hand-made in our rural workshops in the heart of the Cornish countryside. Our team has expanded and our workshops have become a little bigger, but the heart of Bare Knuckle doesn't change. Our dedication to high quality, hand-wound pickups made with the best components and parts, made in-house as much as possible, is still as important to us as ever before. We are very lucky that our Bare Knuckle players like to talk to us about their Bare Knuckles, and it's partly thanks to you guys that we have decided to launch these new products. If it wasn't for you asking for them, we wouldn't be able to deliver what you want! If it wasn't for you playing them, we wouldn't make them. So thank you.

So What Is Coming?

Of course, we can't release the nitty gritty info yet, that would be giving too much away! But we can say that, in true Bare Knuckle style, Tim Mills will be voicing each pickup with his unique approach to tone, and within the ranges we will be providing all kinds of options, voices, styles and tones. 

As always with Bare Knuckle, the signature pickup we will be releasing has been developed over months with the artist and Tim, and will be a totally new addition to our range. This one is also going to be a set, but not in a way you will be used to!

So, lots to look forward to and enjoy with us as we enter into 2019; thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to having you on the ride with us as the year takes shape!



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