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The Latest At BKP

Posted by Nicola
25th June 2019

What Have We Been Up To?

As we hurtle into summer in the UK we’re turning our attention to the new products. We aren’t ready to release them yet, but they are certainly in the works. Can you have a guess who we might be working with this time? Two signature pickups will be coming your way this year, and we’re approaching them from two very different angles. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pickup Tattoos


Although we have some exciting new releases this year (see below), we appreciate that lots of you BKP players also love our regular range. With Boot Camp and the BKP range to choose from, there should always be something for the beginner player to the pro. People often ask us if we can make this pickup but with this magnet, or this pickup but with this type of sound. As it happens, we always have something for them in the current range as we’ve made sure it’s that extensive. So, the tone is taken care of. But what about the look? When it comes to aesthetics we have all bases covered! Check out our pickup builder, which is basically a sweet shop for guitar players. Whether you want pink bobbins with burnt chrome screws and a radiator cover, or plain nickel covers with no detailing at all, we can do that. Just build and buy! 

We can also “tattoo” your pickups with our laser etcher. Prices start at £10 per pickup and there isn’t much we can’t do for you. If you e-mail us at with your images we can help you to design the perfect cover.

Focus On: BKP Clothes

Here at Bare Knuckle we love a bit of style. Our pickups always look good, and we pride ourselves on having smart packaging with some great extras. As it happens, we also sell BKP merchandise. This includes t-shirts and hoodies, as well as all of our accessories like pots, caps, switches etc.

Our t-shirts come in a few styles, and we even do a few for your favourite pickups. There’s a Juggernaut shirt (BUT DOES IT DJENT, I hear you cry. You’ll have to buy one to find out!), A Cobra shirt in a very fashionable neutral grey, as well as a pretty awesome skull/Aftermath shirt. We still offer the classic black/logo tees, and the same in a summery sand colour. Newly added last year was the v-neck, fitted shirt that may suit smaller frames and female shapes better.

The zip-up hoodies are perfect for the, sometimes unpredictable, English summers, and our heavy-duty hoodies work well at festivals when the evenings can get a little chillier! If you’re in the USA, or anywhere that’s warmer than the UK, you’ll get a lot out of our zip-up hoodies. Why not have a look?

Artist Round-Up

BKP artists and penners of catchy-ass tunes One Last Thrill are celebrating their latest release, a single called “Empires Fall”; you can watch it here. Guitarist Oscar plays Nailbombs for leads and some Piledriver single coils for his rhythm work.

The ever-friendly guys of Press to Meco recently played alongside The Darkness, The Zutons and BKP artists Saints of Sin at the fantastic Teddy Rocks Festival, a fantastic event for a fantastic cause. After its massive success in 2016 raising over £42,000, the sixth Teddy Rocks Festival will continue its mission to raise money to help fight children's cancer.

Effervescent rockers, Glitoris, have also been out and about as they promote their debut album, The Policy. They’ve been taking Australia by force and have released the video for The Policy, which you can watch here. Catch them around Australia now!

Finally, Olly Steele from Monuments has released a new single featuring our Ragnarok humbuckers called Balance, which you can download here. You can learn to play the track here. Monuments are heading out on a Latin American tour in June.

Until Next Time!

That's all for now, but keep an eye out for the new pickups and our upcoming signature pickups. Don't forget we deliver worldwide, and we are always happy to help you find the perfect Bare Knuckle for you, just email Until next time!



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