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Mermet Guitares

Posted by tim-mills
23rd May 2016

The World of The Luthier

Here at BKP we love finding out what everyone is up to with our pickups, and that's just as true with the luthiers, or guitar builders, that use our pickups and accessories. We thought we could introduce you guys to a few that perhaps you haven't been lucky enough to come across yet. We spotted that Mermet Guitares had uploaded a photo of their latest multiscale build, so it seemed natural to share it with you!



"Build Your Own Guitar"

At the moment we're loving what Mermet Guitares are doing. Run by Frenchman Hugo Mermet, Mermet Guitars work on values we can relate to: handcrafted, handmade and entirely custom made.

With more than 10 years of experience as a stage musician in the studio, Hugo is able to build a guitar that has technical and specialised elements, from the selection of wood to the more complex electronics. He says:

"Build your own guitar, the one that suits you and not the other way around!"



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