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Making Gav's Day

Posted by Nicola
31st March 2017

Making Gav's Day With BKPs

We've made Gav's day!

We love getting messages from players like Gav. He was struggling with his Alnico III pickups in quite an unusual guitar. He explained:

"Thanks for the pickup, problem was totally solved! The Alnico III pups were just too fat for me. It's made me want to play the guitar a lot more now. The extra cut/brittleness added to the high end is just so sweet with soft overdrive picked soft."

People talk about special instruments, this one really is; and now it's perfect for me.

The guitar is one that needs to be played. It's a 2006 Eric Johnson that I bought from a professional player on the country scene in the West of Ireland. There's a huge country scene in the West and Northwest of Ireland, this player that sold it to me was a well-known Irish player, something of a legend of Irish Country music.

Neck Pickup

That '59 slab board has been installed in the neck position of my maple 'board Eric Johnson strat - it's honestly the nicest neck pickup sound I've ever played. I'm absolutely over the moon, it's made my day, it's just so so sweet sounding. It's faintly brittle in the treble, but that's the kind of sound that I love. I knew that this strat was just so fat that it needed a brighter pickup to counter that. Original 50s maple strats were generally fat, this guitar is very close to a vintage guitar and it's just so perfect now. I've had to chop and change so many guitars over the years, this one isn't going anywhere.

Just some feedback to say that it's gone VERY well into a maple board strat, it's sounding as bright as an American Standard, so not too bright at all. Just sounds sublime, so beautiful.

Sorry to ramble, it's just sounding so sweet that my eyes melted a little hearing it. Thanks for all the help and advice, 6 orders on [and] things are great with your company; you can count on me as a customer.

Thanks again for the advice and answering all of my emails over the years, regards to all there,


When you get it right, you get it right. Thanks for the great feedback, Gav, and we're so pleased you're so happy with your BKPs!



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