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Ihsahn's Aristides BKP Build

Posted by Nicola
30th March 2017

Ihsahn and Bare Knuckle/Aristides

We were recently asked to design a set of humbuckers by Aristides Guitars to work with a body material they work with on their guitars, called Arium. The pickups are based on the Holydiver and Emerald, with a twin screw-coil design. They have also been used in a build for Aristides' newest featured artist, Ihsahn.

"Love these pickups. Extremely open and versatile."

- Ihsahn

Formerly of black metal band, Emperor, Ihsahn is now working solo. His new album, Arktis, has just been released and to celebrate all of these things, Aristides have presented Ihsahn with his own build, an Aristides 060 Custom.

The Guitar

The sketch of Scandinavia with a compass star was designed and etched in the guitar by the Aristides production manager, Erik. Of the pickups, Ihsahn said on Instagram: "Love these pickups. Extremely open and versatile."

The pickups are Bare Knuckle/Aristides Custom humbuckers, and Aristides have been fitting them to many of their six, seven and eight string Arium body builds.

We love working with Aristides and it's great to see Ihsahn is on board now!



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