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Visiting Heistercamp

Posted by Nicola
17th August 2017

Who Are Heistercamp?

It may seem slightly odd to create a blog about a product we haven't made yet, but we're so passionate about what Heistercamp do, and how they work, that we want to show everbody what it is they have to get excited about. Heistercamp are a family business, and Nigel and Alaine are the couple behind Heistercamp. The company is part of a story that goes back over 130 years to Nigel's great grandfather, a master craftsman of leather in Belgium. Nigel felt that creating premium leather goods was in his blood from a young age and their passion and commitment to high-end, stylish products is evident in their work. Today Nigel and Alaine live and work in rural Devon, surrounded by idyllic countryside and rolling hills. Their sons, Craig and James, are now full-time employees of the company, working alongside their parents to bring the Heistercamp word to the rest of the world. As a company, their methods are traditional and their values grassroots, as they say; "In a world where mass production and compromise are the accepted norm, we lovingly hand craft each and every piece that leaves our door." 




What Do Heistercamp Make For BKP?

Heistercamp have been supplying BKP with quality leather goods for the past two years, and it's entirely possible you already own one of their custom-made guitar straps. Back in 2014, Tim popped up to see Heistercamp for the day, armed with a list of ideas that the lads in the workshop had come up with for a premium, player-designed guitar strap. The outcome was our beautiful range of straps, all hand-made and with unique added features, such as the cable loop and pockets for spare plectrums.

The pick holder on our Heistercamp guitar straps.

You can't have a BKP strap without the Boxer!

We were thrilled with the way this guitar strap looked, but even more thrilled with the way the pick holders worked, along with the adjustable lengths and loop for your cable.

Heistercamp have also made us our belt clips and wrist cuffs. We love their ethics, their products and the way they work. They also happen to be brilliant people! 

Our Heistercamp cuffs have are made out of this awesome vintage brown material, and we also have them in black.

So, we went to visit the Heistercamp workshops other day (as you may have seen on our Instagram stories) to see what we could do with some ideas Tim had brought with him. As it happens, we can't show you those ideas, as Nigel hasn't made them yet! But also because we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. This photo is all we're allowed to show...!

You can follow Heistercamp on Instagram for updates and to find out how they're getting on with our new (and older!) BKP products. They're thoroughly nice people as well, so do feel free to chat to them about what they do. Keep an eye on our website, we'll be updating you with new products and all sorts very soon...

The only way to play your BKP guitar is with a BKP Hesitercamp strap! Or so we're told...



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