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From Sorrow to Serenity Video

Posted by Nicola
31st March 2017

From Sorrow to Serenity

The boys of "From Sorrow to Serenity" gave us the head up that Gear Gods will be premiering a new guitar play through video for a "From Sorrow to Serenity" track called "Forsaken". The guitar used in the video, and the guitar used to track their album, were loaded with BKP's and they kindly made sure to add the BKP logo in at the start of the video. This video shows "From Sorrow To Serenity" guitarist Steven Jones playing "Forsaken".

The Tone

The guitar in the video is loaded with Juggernauts and the guitar used to track the album they made last year was loaded with Black Hawks. Guitarist Steven had this to say about our pickups:

[Bare Knuckle are] creating the best pickups in the world.

"Getting a great tone had never been so straight forward for me until I started using Bare Knuckle Pickups. They are leading the line and creating the best pickups in the world, the Juggernauts and Black Hawk sets loaded in my guitars go above and beyond every time."

Watch the video here. Thanks for sharing guys!


Photo Credit: David McCourt Photo



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