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Freeway Blade switches Now Available

Posted by Tim B
15th August 2018

A Whole new Set Of Switching Options

Folowing up on the great success of the Freeway 6-way toggle switch, we now have a brand new line of Freeway switches, targeted at Strat and Tele type guitars; offering to double the standard number of pickup options offered by your stock switch.

The 3b3 6-way switch is aimed at a Tele style setup and can be used with either 2 or 3 pickups, while the 5b5 switch is intended for 3 pickup SSS and HSS setups, offering a massive 10 pickup selection options in one switch!

In the same basic style as the toggle switch; these switches give you a second row of switch positions over a standard switch, offering a range of series and parallel connections of your pickup coils for a fantastic array of new tonal possibilities, while retaining the original look of your guitar.

Just like the toggle switch, they are totally intuitive to use and offer rapid access to all positions and can transform your guitar into a real tonal swiss army knife.

The Freeway Blade switches can be found in our shop right here:



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