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Festive Gift Ideas From BKP

Posted by Nicola
12th December 2017

Festive Gift Ideas

If you're struggling to find a present for the guitar player in your life, or if you are that guitar player and you need to make sure your friends and family know what you want this year, look no further! Or, look further and pretend to be thrilled with an "ironic" hipster Christmas jumper that you can't wear through airport security without setting the alarms off.

BKP Clothing

The easiest items to buy anyone who uses BKP products as a Christmas present are any items of our clothing. We now offer an extensive range of t-shirts and hoodies, ranging from v-neck fitted shirts to zip-up hoodies. We only use high quality materials and if you enter our workshops on any given day at least half of the staff will be wearing one item or another of BKP clothing. The hoodies are great, as they are super warm and cosy but also really versatile. The zip-up ones can be worn year-round, and the heavy duty ones are perfect for the cold weather the UK is currently experiencing! Nothing better than feeling warm but looking cool (although only if you do the "pow-pow" pistol-fingers as you say that sentence...). The zip-up hoodies come in their own cotton bag, which you can give as a separate gift, or use as a gift-bag. Unless you keep it for yourself and you know, just not mention that it came in a bag...

BKP T-Shirts

Our t-shirts are 100% cotton and come in loads of different designs. If you know the BKP player in your household is a Juggernaut fan, get them a Juggernaut t-shirt! If they're Aftermath or Cobra fans then you're in luck there too, as those designs are also available. If you know your BKP player is a fan but aren't sure what they play, why not try the classic black t-shirt design? This year we've also added the v-neck fitted design to our classic black shirt range, which also comes in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and XX large. Have a look at all of our t-shirts here and see which one you think would suit your recipient. Who knows, you might find one you like here as well!

Guitar Straps

The next rung down in terms of easy gifts for the BKP player are guitar straps. We've recently moved to only selling Heistercamp's leather goods through our shop, which are handmade in Devon specially for us. We have standard black leather straps, or luxury, hand-stiched leather straps that come with plectrum holders and cable loops. You may need to ask around to find out what width your BKP player prefers, but we would say a 2" in a safe bet (the standard black is 2.5", which is also a safe choice), as it's usually the one most players go for. These are all made by Heistercamp, so you can be assured of their hand-made quality, and if you do need any help choosing you can always e-mail us at


Not quite as easy as a t-shirt, but you can't go too wrong with a Bare Knuckle cable. These come in 10ft or 20ft, although a 10ft is a great bet, as you'd need to be playing a pretty big stage to warrant a 20ft. If you do happen to be buying a Secret Santa for a massive star, they can use a 10ft in their rehearsals. We provide angled or straight jacks, but to be honest, you've gone to all this effort to buy and wrap the cable, the least they can do is get on with whichever style you go for.

Heistercamp Cuffs

We've mentioned these stylish cuffs a few times recently, and we have just changed the leather they are made from. This means that even if your BKP player has one of these, they are unlikely to have one made of the new leather! Even if they do, one of each wrist is only going to look more boss. The cuffs come in black and vintage brown, and they also come in different sizes, so they would suit any player. To create the vintage brown cuff Heistercamp use a brown pull-up leather, which is cleverly designed to lighten in colour over time to give the cuff a well-worn effect. The leather has been specially chosen to grow into your style as you wear it. The black cuff is made with a Veg tanned leather for a harder edged look. Each cuff has quality suede lining and is cut to size by hand. The cuffs are machine stitched together, the Bare Knuckle logos are heat pressed into each cuff, the rivets are added and the cuff is complete. A versatile, stylish and quality addition to any guitar-player's wardrobe. All we're saying is, don't be surprised if Santa asks for one too. 

Pots and Caps

Pots and caps are more of a gift to yourself. If you know what you need, make sure you add the description of the potentiometer or capacitor that you need, because there are a few to choose from. Use Bare Knuckle Jensen 0.022μfd caps for the bridge tone for humbuckers and P90s. Strats generally use 0.015μfd capacitors, whilst Teles have had a variety of different pot and cap combinations. However, we find that the majority of players prefer the roll-off with a 0.022μfd cap. If you are unsure please e-mail us at or call us on +441326341313, and we can help you to find the right one for your guitar, or the right one to ask for from Santa!

Stocking Fillers

And finally, a few things you can slip into a stocking that will put a smile on any guitar player's face. Heistercamp make a great belt clip for us, which has our logo on and it absolutely brilliant for anyone who regularly leaves the house without their keys. If you are really unsure of what to buy but you know the person you are buying for loves guitars, get them a bag of BKP plectrums! Get light or medium if you are unsure, and the player will be able to get a lot of use out of them. A Bare Knuckle banner is a great way of flying the flag for your favourite pickup company; these are especially great for students in their dorms for uni or a player who has an office or workspace that could do with a bit of decoration. The banners are PVC with metal eyelets, so they'll last and last. A BKP lanyard will always be useful, and you can't go too far wrong with a set of strings. We will be continuing to ship items until Friday 22nd 2018.

Whatever you choose, whether it be for yourself or for a loved one, we hope you have a rocking Christmas and a helluva New Year!



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