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Coloured Bobbins for Humbuckers/Black Hawks

Posted by Nicola
30th March 2017

We Now Offer Coloured Bobbins

Here at Bare Knuckle we pride ourselves on being able to provide our players with any tone, regardless of what they want. We listen to guitar players and react when they ask for something to be changed. We recently put up a photo on Instagram of "Jaffa" orange Black Hawk humbuckers and several people said they had tried before to get coloured Black Hawks but that we were unable to produce them. This was true; in order to produce something for a mass audience we need to have enough people asking for us to make it worth us exploring.

Well, in the case of coloured humbucker bobbins, this has happened. Thanks to you guys asking for it, we've now been able to experiment with loads of different colours and deliver what you want!

We've also been trying out new shades of lime green and greys for the humbucker bobbins.

Lime green zebra bobbins.

We think they look smart!

If you want to take advantage of the custom options only available direct from us, head to our pickup builder and let us know your preference!


Purple humbucker bobbins.

Yellow bobbins.

Not quite fifty shades of grey humbuckers.



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