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The Pickup Builder

Posted by Nicola
10th April 2017

The Pickup Builder

You may have noticed that our website has changed somewhat recently. After a lot of hard work and many hours, we have created the only bespoke guitar pickup builder of its kind. There are all kinds of changes around the new website, which I hope you'll be able to enjoy at some point once you've got used to the site, but the most exciting one, for us and for you guys (we hope!) is the pickup builder. You can design your very own pickup, from choosing the tone you want right down to the nuts and bolts of what really works for you aesthetically. So read on to find out all about our all-new pickup builder and how you can make it work for you!

Choosing a Pickup

So, once you have set your account up, where to begin? You will notice on a laptop or computer (on a mobile you have the pickup builder/pickups tabs along the top line, and then a little red box titled "More" that takes you to the rest of the site) that you have the choice of entering the "Pickups" section of the site or the "Pickup Builder". If you aren't sure which pickup is right for you and you want to listen to the sound-clips of each pickup, plus find out the specs of the pickup, or find out what others are saying about the pickups, that's the place to go. Once you have chosen the right set, bridge, middle or neck for your tone then you can head to the pickup builder by clicking on the "Build&Buy" button. This will prompt you to choose what size of guitar you are putting the pickups in by string number, and then you can choose if you are buying a set or a single pickup. This will then take you through to the builder.

Building a Pickup

If you already have an idea of the pickup you want then you can head straight to the builder. This is a completely unique way of building and buying pickups, and we are so thrilled to be industry-leaders in this. We have worked so hard to create a builder that is functional and practical but most importantly, fun! Once you have chosen your type (Humbucker, Strat etc) you can then select your string amount, your sound and then the name of your pickup. Once you've gone through to the builder, it's over to you! Choose from our entire range of covers, finishes, screws, bobbins, leg-length - right down to if you want your pickup potted or not. Everything is under your control, and it is entirely over to you. You can also share your designs on social media, so if you want your friends' opinions, or even just to show off what you've made, you can!

Bass Coils, Cobra T & Pre-Wired Guards.

You might be wondering where the J-bass pickups, P-bass pickups and Cobra T are in the builder. We decided that, because there are no real custom options for these pickups, we would create a "quick buy" section so you didn't have to go through the builder to order these. The only bass pickups that have a custom option are the '65 & '58 Split Coil P-bass pickups, and then it's only if you want cream or black covers. The default is always black, so if you do want cream then leave us a note in the "GUITAR MAKE & MODEL / NOTES" section of our payment form when placing your order. You can always e-mail us at if you need to ask any questions.

We still sell pre-wired guards, and they will be available on the shop imminently. For the time being, you'll need to e-mail us at to order one.

Pickup Tattoos

You have probably seen we are able to offer a laser-etching "tattoo" service for your pickups. We are planning on building in a section for the pickup tattoos, so you will be able to load your images and see what it will look like on your covers. For the time being, if you want a pickup tattoo then you will need to leave us a note in the "GUITAR MAKE & MODEL / NOTES" section of our payment form when placing your order and e-mail us at with your pickup tattoo design. Our custom pickup tattoos start at £10 per pickup and we are still more than happy to talk through your options in the same way we always have done, via e-mail, social media, or by phone.

Contacting Us

As with the old site, you can e-mail us with any problems, but we also now have a new form that you can fill in that goes straight to our workshop. This is the easiest way to let us know if you need a hand with anything, and as usual we do all we can to get back to you as soon as we're able to. Likewise with our new support pages, where you'll find all of our wiring diagrams, FAQs, schematics, dimensions and HSS recommendations. If there's anything you can't find then please do get in contact and we'll do all we can to help!


We've changed the way our shop works quite a lot, and our new "Accessories" shop is where you can find all of our BKP pots, caps, switches and straps, plus all the Heistercamp products and our t-shirts and hoodies. These all add to the same basket, which you are able to edit as you shop. If you are unsure which pots, caps etc you need just let us know and we can help you. Most importantly, we hope you enjoy the pickup builder and have fun with the builder!



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