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Boot Camp Dealers

Posted by Nicola
10th April 2018

The Dealer Logic

You may now be used to finding our dealers through our "Dealer" page on the website, which you can find here. Whilst this is the best way to quickly find a comprehensive list of our dealers, the latest product range from Bare Knuckle, Boot Camp, works a little differently. As the Boot Camp pickups are available exclusively from our dealers, you will need to find our Boot Camp dealers to be able to purchase Boot Camp products. The reason we've done this is to allow the dealers an opportunity to provide something more simple and stripped back for their players. Since moving to the "pickup builder" format that we now use on our website, we've been aware that dealers are under pressure to provide the same sort of service we provide on our website, which just isn't possible. On our website you can build the pickups you want, with the colours, specifications and sounds you require, but our official dealers aren't able to provide this. So, in order to help them out, Tim created the Boot Camp range. Three tones, four pickups. It's that simple!

How To Find the Boot Camp Dealers

So, we've established where our current dealers are on the website, and the long-term idea is that the majority of our dealers will stock the Boot Camp range in order to give every player the chance to get their hands on whichever set they want. To make things easier for you, we have put all of the dealers that currently sell the Boot Camp range in one place, which you can find here. This way you know who has got the Boot Camp range in stock and you can focus your search to those dealers. Some of our dealers will ship worldwide as well, so just because you don't see a dealer near you, it doesn't mean you have to miss out until your local dealer stocks the range. If you do want to nudge your local dealer, please do! They can contact us at to talk through becoming an official Boot Camp dealer. 

The Boot Camp Range

Available exclusively from Bare Knuckle dealers, the Boot Camp range is a stripped back, no-nonsense pickup range aimed at guitar players of all levels who just want to cut to the chase and have great tone. Three output ranges, four types of pickup. It’s as easy as that, with all the core options taken care of. Every pickup is handwound at the Bare Knuckle workshops and warrantied for life. The three ranges are:

Old Guard The Old Guard pickups feature Alnico II magnets and are suitable for classic blues, rock, country, pop and alternative tones. Old Guard pickups are in the low output range and produce an open, dynamic tone.

True Grit The True Grit pickups feature Alnico V magnets and are suitable for hot blues, hard rock, grunge, stoner, punk and old-school metal tones. True Grit pickups are in the medium output range and produce a fat, rich tone.

Brute Force The Brute Force pickups are handwound, feature ceramic magnets (Strats and Teles are Alnico V) and are suitable for progressive metal, thrash, hardcore and extreme metal styles. Brute Force pickups are in the high output range and produce a deep, saturated tone.

Hone Your Tone

The videos for each pickup range have been created exclusively for Bare Knuckle by respected player Rabea Massaad. The videos cover the four types of pickup for each range: Humbuckers, Strats, Teles and P90s. You, the BKP players, can watch, and above all else, listen to the videos, choose your tone and choose your pickup. Then you can go to our dealer’s page to place your order. You can watch the YouTube videos on our YouTube channel. Rabea has produced three stunning videos that act as the soundclips for each pickup. Tim's idea was to make the videos inclusive, so that all the pickups in the range are played through. Rabea rose to the challenge to make three videos that we're all really proud of.

All of the core options have been taken care of, although we have offered a couple of options if the player wants them. Head on over to the Boot Camp section of our website to find out more and watch all the videos.

All Boot Camp pickups are warrantied for life to the original purchaser and available exclusively from registered Bare Knuckle dealers.



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