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Boot Camp Brute Force

Brute Force pickups are handwound, feature ceramic magnets (Strats and Teles are Alnico V). Suitable for progressive metal, thrash, hardcore and extreme metal styles. Brute Force pickups are in the high output range and produce a deep, saturated tone.

Below is the Brute Force video, produced for Bare Knuckle by highly respected guitarist Rabea Massaad. In the video, Rabea demos the four types of Brute Force pickup: humbuckers, Strats, Teles and P90s. Watch and, above all else, listen to the videos, choose your tone and choose your pickup. Then head to our dealer’s page to place your order!

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Brute Force Humbucker

Standard 6 string open coil humbucker spec: 50mm spacing, black coils.

Options: 53mm (wide) or 50mm spacing, black or zebra coils.

Standard 6 string covered humbucker spec: 50mm spacing, nickel covers.

Options: 53mm (wide) or 50mm spacing, nickel or gold covers.

All humbuckers are short leg, tri-tab and 4 conductor. Also available for 7 string guitars.


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Brute Force Strat

Standard 6 string Strat spec: Flat magnet profile, RWRP mid-coil, red & black cloth hookup.

Options: Black or white covers.


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Brute Force Tele

Standard 6 string Tele spec: Flat magnet profile, stock wound/polarity neck coil, chrome neck cover, black & red cloth hookup.

Options: Gold neck cover.


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Brute Force P90

Standard 6 string P90 spec: Braided hookup, stock wound/polarity.

Options: Cream or black covers.


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All Boot Camp pickups are warrantied for life to the original purchaser and available exclusively from registered Bare Knuckle dealers.



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